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Founder & Executive Director

  Description: C:\Users\Patrick\Documents\My Web Sites\IMF web\template_40594_X33wpz3Uy54I63rU1jSD\site\images\JonnaBrown.jpgGrowing up I didn't have many opportunities to travel. Naturally, I will always remember my first trip to another continent, in August of 2008. It was on that trip I realized that though i had arranged countless travel plans for others as an Executive Assistant, my own exposure to the broader world was very limited. My next major trip was to Israel in February of 2010. I had the privilege of touring with 10 dynamic community leaders from San Francisco and the Jewish Community Relations Council. Over a 10-day period we met with a variety of Israeli community leaders and discussed issues around military unrest, political support from the US, religious differences and social, economic and educational disparities amongst women, children and minority groups. Listening to the stories of the Israel plight first-hand and seeing these little children flourish despite their unfortunate circumstances was disturbing, heart-wrenching and compelling. It was then my eyes were opened and I thought, how different my life might have been if I had this experience when I was 13 instead of 47! 

On that trip I was marked indelibly! I realized the power of exposure to other cultures, land and ways of thinking. If we could broaden the horizons of our children early in life, imagine the difference they could make. If our kids had the opportunity to explore beyond their own backyard or neighborhood, could we then foster bigger dreams, bigger aspirations and bigger ideas? Can we use travel and broad exposure to ignite curiosity, inspire compassion and empathy and nurture our communities? Absolutely! That is why I founded Indelible Mark Foundation!


Jonna R. Brown